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A l a n  S o m m e r

F O L K  R O C K  M U S I C 


Alan Sommer is a folk rock singer/songwriter. He was born in Brazil and lived for many years in the US while he attended many different Universities and music schools. He was based in New Orleans and Los Angeles and performed at the most important venues of both cities. Although he was influenced by a vast number of great and famous folk and rock musicians, he got his own signature and he is not a clone. His music is brave and sharp as a knife; keen and bright, somewhat sad but hopeful, poetic yet straight forward.  It is very hard to define his lyrics also his music in words .  If you wish to understand Alan Sommer's music you should listen to his longtime single - Sugarman - which can be found right here.  (Go back to the main menu to listen to the whole album.)

SUGARMAN - Alan Sommer
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