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brazilian jazz 

"I met Alan when he was still a young man full of dreams and plans. He showed me his first advances in the world of music. Today, I am happy to hear him as winner of this battle, presenting his songs as a beautiful result of his dreams and plans.

Ave Alan!"

                                  Roberto Menescal


Alan Sommer is a multi-language artist. He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, most specifically in Copacabana Beach. His repertoire includes folk rock, jazz, samba and bossa-nova. He studied music at the renowned G.I.T of Hollywood as well as The 

Los Angeles Music Academy, in California, USA. At the time he lived and studied for five years in Los Angeles and New Orleans, Alan Sommer played some of the best music venues.


His characteristic voice, unique guitar fingerpicking, and sweet jazzy style stands out whenever he plays his best composition work, also famous Brazilian standards. 


When the internet first started picking up, in the beginning of the millennium, his Brazilian song “O Trem” (The Train) was distributed online by Virgin Digital all over the world.

His first CD, which carries the same name as the song “O Trem”, was considered one of the most vanguard and innovative Brazilian musical work of our time by many, including one of the most important Brazilian radio station - Rádio Mec from Rio de Janeiro. This important radio station held an entire 1 hour annual show dedicated to Alan Sommer’s album “O Trem” for at least 3 years in a row.

Other important radio stations such as MPB FM - Brazil, Rádio Roquette Pinto from Rio de Janeiro and the biggest and most important New Orleans Jazz Radio Station, Wooz - NO, have played out his songs to the world. 


He also appears at the famous Cravo Albin's Brazilian Music Dictionary, which is the most important Brazilian music reference book.  Only the very best Brazilian artists and musicians receive the honor to be listed in that famous book, to which it is a privilege only a few can share.

Alan Sommer has performed his songs at some of the most important venues in Rio de Janeiro, from large to small ones. 

It is impossible not to surrender to the flow of his fine and mellow melodies, his jazzy chords and harmonies and his calm and living voice. Not to mention his lyrics full of time and poetry.  It’s all about a songwriter, his voice and his guitar.

Currently, he is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


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Carol Sandov:


Alan Sommer is always concerned about producing new videos in order to spread his music on YouTube and the main stream social medias.